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Wasim training muay thai at Elite boxing in Bangkok getting ready for hes next fight in Cambodia, here a little bit of hes padwork and clinching with Thai Trainer!


20130920-141428.jpgs MUAY Thai training in Thailand it is always good experience everyone come here have notorious improvement . My MUAY THAI trainers at Tiger Muay Thai fighters ring are very estrict and they push me training together as partner training. Phuket MUAY thai Rafael lopes pinto back training at Tiger Muay Thai & MMA training camp Phuket-Thailand.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Oman: Bjj class
Today we practicing what we call variation for Peruvian neck tie :
Training for when my opponent from side control push with help of hes feet to get enough space for under hook and turn for take down.

Muay Thai tutorial this time i show how to use block when is necessarie.
I need to keep my posture and hands up, in certain time when the kick is coming i protect my head and bring my knee to my chest.
After my block have to make sure my comes back to same spot was before.
Thank you for following and i hope that is helping you ob process of learning.

Rafael Lopes Pinto is a Brown belt currently training here in Phuket, Thailand under Fernando Maccachero of Brazilian Top Team. We are based at one of the top Martial Arts gyms in the world, Tiger Muay Thai. Rafael has a very popular BJJ blog, in which he introduces some of his training partners here in Phuket, and takes us through some of his favourite Jiu-Jitsu techniques. In this clip, Rafael explains one way in which to escape the deadly bow and arrow choke.

OK, so your partner takes your back, they get their first grip across your lapel and you suspect they might go for a bow and arrow choke. What next?

The lapel grip is vital for your partner to complete this submission and if you make the mistake of looking into their elbow, you are pretty much done for, on your way to Tapsville.

Instead use both your hands, and I mean both, one, two, and take a good firm grip on their sleeve. What happens if you only use one hand? You, my friend, have just bought a one way ticket to Tapsville. So take both your hands on their sleeve BEFORE they come round to grip the Gi pants. To grip the Gi pants, your partner will have to change their angle, which will allow you some space to bridge like your life depends on it, stick your head into their smelly armpit and and pull that choking hand up to avoid the choke.

As you pull the arm up you can also use some of that momentum, plus an underhook, to swing yourself round into their guard.

1 per week i will update new videos and show specific things i find important and relevant for Muay Thai and MMA figthers.
Post about instructional video Muay Thai Phuket with Rafael Lopes Pinto trainer and fighter for Tiger Muay Thai & MMA training camp Phuket – Thailand.
For my friends in Brazil looking for more information about Muay Thai here the solution enjoy training with me.

Article by JP Mestanza with ring, canvas and bag photos taken by Paul Anthony Thompson

When Adrian Shead got married in April, there was no honeymoon. In fact, the Monday after one of the biggest days of his life, he was back at work overseeing the construction phase of the new Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Training Camp in Chiang Mai. Oh, and there’s also a baby on the way!

To read more click here: Article by JP Mestanza with ring, canvas and bag photos taken by Paul Anthony Thompson

Instructional Bjj Drills for side control position, we follow a program to help process of learning that method we practice bjj Technics and variation of moves.

Brazilian Top Team Phuket Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt 4 degree Fernando Maccachero Head bjj coach.

I worked my ass really hard past of the years dedicate myself to training and learning about Mixed Martial Arts and today i see everything behind and i think with me:
It is just the begin anything can stop me cause i move forward by faith and that is why i am here to reach far as i can!
Obrigado senhor
Thank you so much Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp Phuket- Thailand for the support and great time together!

Last year this guy won in Thailand the trainer number 1 wrapping hand.
Wrapping Hand number 1 in Thailand: Instructional