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Krav maga its part of the bootcamp Brazil activities such as surf bootcamp, bjj, mma, muaythai.

Bootcamp Brazil Krav Maga

krav maga bootcamp Brazil

Bootcamp Brasil Krav maga video training 


It’s simple i didn’t made anything I learned well on my own in a hard way, who wants to pay the price is not the question but who does it for love …

Where training camp in Brazil?

Where to train?

Where to stay?

Now I’m back more regularly blogging and feed with videos, photos e information about Training  camps Brazil.
Mma Training camp Brazil

Brazilian Top Team Phuket

Brazilian Top Team Phuket


Very good routine i have  here in Phuket eating more healthy food, training everyday and going to bed every night around 10 pm, Morning session for today 1 hr of cardio before Brazilian jiu-Jitsu class with Fernando Maccachero at Brazilian Top Team Phuket Tiger Muay Thai, still all the same at bjj morning class, Fernando showing amazing stuff,  hes very complete and experienced teaching, im redoing my game and skills with him, hes my inspiration and i want learn as much as i can.

Training for me is very serious, i haven’t been training a lot  last 4 months, i expected to fell a lot more tired when i come back to Thailand  but not i am doing well of course you lose cardio and get slow on your mind. but wont take me long to get back in that shape.

Last week was very busy in malaysia with Bjj training and seminar to run ! i was at leverage jiu jitsu where we have NoGi seminar, Caboco is a new gym in malaysia and have a brazilian guy called Cristiano who teach capoeira and do Bjj classes, we have good time at Kuala Lumpur thank you guys for the hospitality. Now in Thailand back in training at Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp Phuket Thailand. MUAY THAI sessions still hardcore but I am in shape ! Next week Bjj sessions and seminars coming around Bangkok ! This tour seminar I will be in 8 different gyms in Asia in 3 weeks time and going good so far!



Training brazilian jiu jitsu again finally. I am in Malaysia right now training at Leverage Bjj where the head Bjj coach is Brazilian jiu jitsu Marcos Escobar and he’s assistant Bjj coach Aaron purple belt, I am staying here for a week. This Bjj school is the biggest team in Malaysia, the reason is they are always holding seminars with different Black Belts and making their game stronger and smarter, guys like Caio Terra, Jeff Glover, Adam Kayoom MMA Fighter, also been here before. The gym is pure Bjj mentality, and everyone have own goals to reach and learn more about the sport together! I am also learning like I said this guys are holding seminars with many Black Belts every year, some of this Black Belts I never went to a seminar before but now i can pick up some technics, the guys here are also passing me different visions of Bjj game. we are here to explorer best of our self, Changing experience for me is the best way to keep focused on my way of life! Is very good to see old friends getting better in Bjj because we know it is not easy, some kids I meet before are looking like man and fighting like man, the girls are bigger numbers at Leverage Bjj they are taking the space on the matts and training for competitions! Working in Oman I don’t have a strong team yet not enough for partner training what I call human material so here I am taking advantage of the good level Bjj to do my best training sessions in last 6 months, my gym in Oman still new and the sport is not popular out there but with faith in God that torture of having no partner training stop by next year, sending the boys to fight in Abu Dhabi competitions and training with Gi everyday I believe we are going on the right direction! After leaving from Malaysia I will be heading Tiger Muay Thai and posting more videos and pictures about Bjj/ MMA/ Muay Thai training!!!

Yesterday one of my students here in Oman ask me why don’t you do same us after finishes the class? He means why I told them to do 300 jump knees and 300 sit ups plus 100 push ups. I didn’t say why, I just told him to keep on going.
When we are training here I try to run the class same as what I used to do in Thailand. Everything they training it is what we have to do and how we have to do to become better level.
Basically I copy and follow Thai style putting together with my experience training and fighting under Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training camp Phuket Thailand.
Training depends only on you how serious you take and how dedicated you are! Follow the Bjj or Muay Thai philosophy isn’t easy with we are in a country where the sport is not popular yet.
Mixed Martial Arts training in Oman still small and amateur but we are working on.
Today was different no one asked me questions about how many sit ups Or anything. Today was also the hardest class we had in 3 months time, before I was training them only in the gym trying to work out on technics and basics, now it is time for them to start running.
Training today:
30 min running before class

Shadow boxing
Sparring 5 rounds
Bag work 3 rounds
Pad work 2 rounds
Clinching 25 min
Jump knees on the bag 300
Push kick on the bag 200
15 min running after class.
Coach or ( couch) was very angry today but the management of the gym promes to bring a babysitter for next class… LMFAO
Rafael Negao life in Muscat Oman


Difficult is not a word to describe the moment in my life in any circumstance. I remember when I went to Thailand in 2010 to train at Tiger Muay Thai & MMA training camp I was only heart, without speaking English or Thai language I lived isolated for while, everything was new and exciting moment in my professional life in the same time, first friend I meet was Will Elliot manager of the camp who take care of me at the time with professor Ray Elbe. Training Muay Thai and Bjj meeting friends I Learn slowly how to speak English and communicate better.
Situation now is different I moved from Thailand to Oman to open up new gym with Ali Mustaq my first friend here. Oman is one of the GCC country’s and still have a lot of oil for next 30 years, facilities to live in Muscat we are close to Dubai and Abu Dhabi where I have a lot of brazilian friends and friends I made in Thailand also. At Muscat Mixed Martial Arts Club 3 MAC We training for those competitions like Abu Dhabi world pro is not far from here about 4 hrs driving is easy to get around here. I’m the Head MMA coach here and only Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt in the country. The gym will be representing Brazilian Top team flag soon, we are working on that. Now is time for teaching thank you for following my blog! OSS


The days of the week are different here and that make me lost I never know when is Sunday for exempla, Thursday and Friday here we have days off different from any other country I have been, must be because the days to pray around the religion. For MMA we will training tomorrow because Ali have fight coming up in 3 weeks time and we can’t have 2 days off right now.

Today I can say how happy I am I just got my black belt under Fernando Maccachero Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fourth degree from Brazilian Top Team and Representante of BTT in Asia. I like to Thank you Lattuf Caldeira Ferreira/ Lattuf Kezen my professor in Brazil and all Kezianos Fe em Deus. Thank you Tiger Muay Thai for support me in Thailand last 3 years at the biggest fight camp on the world. Happy to be the first man to be graduated as a Bjj Black Belt at TMT under coach Fernando Maccachero.



Tiger Muay Thai & MMA

Cant call Phuket home no more, Tiger Muay Thai use to be my second house for last 3 years and was very productive. I will miss everyone here, trainers and friends always support me. I still training hard because I know I can’t have that high level training we have here anywhere, I enjoy last week training with my friends, thank you guys.