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Wasim training muay thai at Elite boxing in Bangkok getting ready for hes next fight in Cambodia, here a little bit of hes padwork and clinching with Thai Trainer!


MMA Phuket: TMT fighters ring

Ben and Cody 2 fighters from TMT I have a lot respect. They will represent Tiger Muay Thai at MMA promotion

Since i left Thailand one week ago i cant update my blog very well, the time difference still hard to adapted here, my instructional videos and photos still not ready to upload and post.
This weekend we are going to Zurich because the guys from the gym will fight, big fight Shooto Switzerland.
Yesterday was last session and are really focused and skilled.
Today i have private session and tonight NoGi.

Cat Zingano went to Tiger Muay Thai last year for vacation/ training with her family and we hangout and chat sometimes, Mauricio Zingano Brazilian Black belt from Brasil her husband also training here with us and show some good tricks for Gi game.
Training here at Tiger we never know who is coming i cant remember how many guys from UFC or M1, Strikeforce all the time they come to Phuket where is perfect for Muay Thai training and relaxing around the Island.

Cat Zingano MMA

Cat Zingano MMA

Nice guy and 1 of the best Professionals i have see, Stu how we call him been training Bjj for a while.
In Bangkok open 2012 Stu will be there and i am sure he will do very well.
Stuart Cooper used to training in UK with Braulio Estima Bjj World Champion and if you like to know more, Stu went to Brazil for Bjj and MMA training, hes been traveling around the world to find best training, teachers and training partners.

Stuart Cooper

Stuart Cooper training and fighting Bjj in Thailand

Fernando Maccachero

Rafael Negao Brazilian Top Team Phuket

That is it head to Bkk my friends are ready to give theyr blood and represent Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp next Saturday.
Professor Fernando Maccachero is also going to Bangkok with students for this competition.
I wish you guys all the best and u better bring me medals!!!

My name is Oscar Mendoza. I’m a 4th degree white belt under Ray Elbe. My background is American Wrestling where I competed up through high school level. I started BJJ back in London because I was looking for a way to stay fit and the gym got boring. Originally I took up TJJ (Japanese Traditional Jiu Jitsu) under Seymour Yang (also known as Meerkatsu in the Jiu Jitsu world). I liked learning the self defense, but in TJJ there was no real sparring. One session, Seymour invited a BJJ black belt by the name of Nicholas Brooks to the club. We did a round of sparring and he triangled me 3x. I was HOOKED!!!

I went to 1 session at Nick’s club in Mill Hill, but it was quite far from where I was living at the time. So I found a closer club and met Eddie Kone where I did about 5 sessions.

About 3 years ago I moved to Thailand. After getting settled down, I met Jon Bellagamba a purple belt on the island and I trained with him for a bit. This is where my BJJ bug got worse. When Jon got hurt, I found myself at Tiger Muay Thai. At Tiger, I met Ray Elbe and Wiktor Svensson (his purple belt). Pretty much most of my jits, I credit to Wiktor whose been my main teacher for a year and a half.

Training under Wiktor and my training partners (like Kitty Teppo, Alex Schild, Jesper Freyschuss, Chris Hines) allowed me to capture Silver in gi and Gold in no gi last April in my first BJJ tournament, the Pan Asians, in Manilla April 2012.

Now BJJ is IN MY BLOOD. I try and do 2/3 sessions a week. If you know me on Facebook, my status often reads: time for my favorite part of the day…jits time!!! Or going to my happy place…@Tiger Muay Thai. I’ve met so many AWESOME people through BJJ. And now I’ve had the honor of introducing BJJ to some of my friends and they have picked up the BJJ bug. OSS!!!

I’ve been training hard over the last month with new and AWESOME BJJ coach at Tiger, Fernando Maccachero (4th degree black belt) in no gi. Wiktor is still my main instructor and who I credit for my BJJ and MMA experience (oh yeah…I did a cage fight as well…more on that later). Just recently I started rolling gi with Olavo Abreu (3rd degree black belt) at Phuket Top Team. And you know what? I LOVE PAJAMAS!!! BJJ in a gi…SOOOO technical!!!

So this weekend is the Bangkok Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Open 2012, where I’m competing in Masters (yes, I’m that old) division for gi and no gi. I’ve also decided to give the no gi Absolute a try. I think I’m in better shape than when I won the Pan Asians, so I should do fine.

Anyways, thanks for listening to my story so far and I’ll keep you updated on how I do. OSSS!!!!

Oscar Mendoza

Ready for Bangkok Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Open 2012

TMT Fighter

Weight In One FC.

Both of fighters from Tiger Muay Thai & MMA camp, Shannon Wiratchai and Felipe Enomoto made weight.
Today was the official day to check weight for ONE FC in Manila.
Our guys are back in the hotel and they already start hydrate again.
We have checked again and both are 5 Kg heavier than 3 hours ago, what is quiet good.
I wish for my mates good lucky. I hope they can do a good fights and win their fights.
Will be a fucking good show for sure Felipe and Shannon are very motived to fight One FC, is a new promotion in south Asia but getting bigger.
I was surprised with organization and how they take care of fighters and corners here in Manila.
Felipe is fighting against Eduard Folayang from Philippines.
Shannon is fighting against Mich from USA.
For more information:

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