MUAY Thai Oman :
Teaching here I meet a lot people so far good guys and good team, we work out together everyday, must if the days we go for running to warm up.
When training starts we focus on sparring technic and pad work, Every second day.
Teaching MUAY thai for 10 people alone is very hard for me but I make the best way to keep high level training, sometimes I join the sparring session and clinch, when that happens for me is not about coaching anymore because they told me they want me here so they have opportunity to become a pro fighters, so as a partner training my posture is very different I do beat them up for good, I go very hard sometimes because they need to see what’s real, I told them everyone wants to be a fighter now, is very popular but a lot of people are not ready to fight that’s the true, so I just want them to be ready and prepared mental and physically.
Other reason why I do sparring with them harder sometimes it is just because sometimes we have guys training in different gyms who come to our club to test they’re skills and talk shit like happens everywhere, what I mean is we are not training for them but with they come here and beat up my kids I won’t like, is more like a Dad lesson I kill my students inside of the gym so anyone can touch or hurt my babies( students).
I am very close to my students and I am sure the are becoming stronger and stronger. What doesn’t kill you make you stronger?
The MUAY training here is serious in Oman but only at our gym, the other gyms around only they can fight is karate and taewkondo, and they still trying to prove they can fight, soon or late we will have to fight them or anyone in this country who said they can fight.
We already can see some changes, the MUAY thai session I run we improve every week sometimes improve technic, mental game, cardio … Some how we are very behind still but we are following all the steps slowly to grow bigger the best we can !!