Yesterday one of my students here in Oman ask me why don’t you do same us after finishes the class? He means why I told them to do 300 jump knees and 300 sit ups plus 100 push ups. I didn’t say why, I just told him to keep on going.
When we are training here I try to run the class same as what I used to do in Thailand. Everything they training it is what we have to do and how we have to do to become better level.
Basically I copy and follow Thai style putting together with my experience training and fighting under Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training camp Phuket Thailand.
Training depends only on you how serious you take and how dedicated you are! Follow the Bjj or Muay Thai philosophy isn’t easy with we are in a country where the sport is not popular yet.
Mixed Martial Arts training in Oman still small and amateur but we are working on.
Today was different no one asked me questions about how many sit ups Or anything. Today was also the hardest class we had in 3 months time, before I was training them only in the gym trying to work out on technics and basics, now it is time for them to start running.
Training today:
30 min running before class

Shadow boxing
Sparring 5 rounds
Bag work 3 rounds
Pad work 2 rounds
Clinching 25 min
Jump knees on the bag 300
Push kick on the bag 200
15 min running after class.
Coach or ( couch) was very angry today but the management of the gym promes to bring a babysitter for next class… LMFAO
Rafael Negao life in Muscat Oman