3 months since I left Thailand and move to Oman – muscat and I am really happy here the way things are going. Since I am here until now we put one MMA fighter Ali Mustaq at Desert Force fighting for a space in the reality show 2 months back, a female who’s training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at 3 MAC MMA also represent our gym in the Rome international and European IBJJF, Jonna from Finland take 4 golds total in GI and NOGI competition. Last week we had competition in the gym only for members to put they experience e together and fight another guys in the gym, we had a lot good fights in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu GI and NOGI but only white belts competed. MUAY thai and boxing we matched the fights well, based on weight category and level.
Oman is very good place I am saying that but doesn’t mean it is easy right now, sometimes I fell uncomfortable here because I know the local people respect more who wear dishdasha what is not my case, used to live in brazil and Thailand where you just need a par of shorts and flip flops to go around. Right now in Muscat have no place where you are allowed to drink alcohol or go out for night clubs. Ramadan time is very nice for me living here is very good to see from close their lifestyle , I am learning things about the way they deal with life and religion. Oman is very beautiful place full of mountains, desert and beach and is HOT, way too HOT.
We are making here in this paradise real fighters, we have a lot talents in the gym but they need to open their minds with they want climb higher and fight better to reach Professional level some day, the training we are running here is basically to push everyone together and bring the best of they can do inside the gym. MMA is not popular here and because of that we are the only gym in whole country to have Mixed Martial Arts training Center!
I enjoy been here training, teaching and making MMA more popular, i love training and teaching with now my new friends and students.
Everything is possible for those who don’t know what’s the limit!