Difficult is not a word to describe the moment in my life in any circumstance. I remember when I went to Thailand in 2010 to train at Tiger Muay Thai & MMA training camp I was only heart, without speaking English or Thai language I lived isolated for while, everything was new and exciting moment in my professional life in the same time, first friend I meet was Will Elliot manager of the camp who take care of me at the time with professor Ray Elbe. Training Muay Thai and Bjj meeting friends I Learn slowly how to speak English and communicate better.
Situation now is different I moved from Thailand to Oman to open up new gym with Ali Mustaq my first friend here. Oman is one of the GCC country’s and still have a lot of oil for next 30 years, facilities to live in Muscat we are close to Dubai and Abu Dhabi where I have a lot of brazilian friends and friends I made in Thailand also. At Muscat Mixed Martial Arts Club 3 MAC We training for those competitions like Abu Dhabi world pro is not far from here about 4 hrs driving is easy to get around here. I’m the Head MMA coach here and only Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt in the country. The gym will be representing Brazilian Top team flag soon, we are working on that. Now is time for teaching thank you for following my blog! OSS