Rafael Lopes Pinto is a Brown belt currently training here in Phuket, Thailand under Fernando Maccachero of Brazilian Top Team. We are based at one of the top Martial Arts gyms in the world, Tiger Muay Thai. Rafael has a very popular BJJ blog, in which he introduces some of his training partners here in Phuket, and takes us through some of his favourite Jiu-Jitsu techniques. In this clip, Rafael explains one way in which to escape the deadly bow and arrow choke.

OK, so your partner takes your back, they get their first grip across your lapel and you suspect they might go for a bow and arrow choke. What next?

The lapel grip is vital for your partner to complete this submission and if you make the mistake of looking into their elbow, you are pretty much done for, on your way to Tapsville.

Instead use both your hands, and I mean both, one, two, and take a good firm grip on their sleeve. What happens if you only use one hand? You, my friend, have just bought a one way ticket to Tapsville. So take both your hands on their sleeve BEFORE they come round to grip the Gi pants. To grip the Gi pants, your partner will have to change their angle, which will allow you some space to bridge like your life depends on it, stick your head into their smelly armpit and and pull that choking hand up to avoid the choke.

As you pull the arm up you can also use some of that momentum, plus an underhook, to swing yourself round into their guard.