Are People training everywhere everyday, here in Phuket it is no diferent but some people get more for what they pay.Brazilian Top Team Phuket offer quality and high level of Bjj training in the Island,
Goup session and privates available.
Have a look at TMT beautiful garden this morning those guys are real? Yes they are and they training everyday Bjj morning session at TMT.
Guys like Zega, Roger Huerta, Fernando Maccachero, Brian Ebersole, Yasubey Enomoto, mention to Russian boys who are training for belt at M1 global, i cant Remember all of them but guys like Jason Saggo, Rodrigo Caporal, Stuart Cooper cant be out of the list.
With this post i like to show i am happy to be there for sure and you just think about training Bjj in Phuket and tell me what have you been doing and with who??? Human Material that is how i call that and at TMT we have that for sure. ooosss
Bjj session TMT