BRAZILIAN TOP TEAM PHUKET: Rafael Negao in Private Lesson teaching a guest, beginner female and never done Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu before Asdis from Iceland learn some skills, and understand about rules for Bjj.
Guest at Tiger Muay Thai & MMA training camp in Thailand have optional Private Lessons for all martial arts and trainers from yoga, Body fit / Cross Fit.
Of course learning Bjj or any martial arts depends on your dedication and discipline to keep on going well.
Group class always will be the best way to learn.
But we can use Private Lesson as a complement for all of us, doesn’t matter level and skills we need more new information every day.
Training Bjj can be uncomfortable when you never done before, attention and focus can be confuse.
Private Lesson will make you better in all aspects but the must important will boost your confidence. Will also make you know all about the game, accelerate the learning process and you can training with your instructor.
So i like the idea if you want to fight go for Group session mate.
For Private lessons 3 per week is ok, depends how is your schedule.