So many things we can find on line, i like to read and watch videos.
Because i am at Tiger Muay Thai i have i lot exposure what is good for me and for the company.
Media in Phuket it is not so good but at the camp we can not complaining , Tiger Muay thai & MMA training camp employed best guys around the world for videos and photography looking for quality in all aspects and improve numbers at the camp, every year more people are coming to Tiger i heard a lot of people say this is the best camp on the world.
All the media i mean material i have is from my fights and training it is from Those guys work at TMT.
Thank you guys:
Other notice i find this photo, they tuck from my facebook and put on poster to promote fights in Brazil, was funny to see, good surprise make me thingk i am on right way.
Rafael Negao Pinto