I know why i eat Mc Donalds just today i realize, i don’t like that shit at all.
Doesn’t matter where i go always buy MC and before i didn’t know why?
Isn’t because taste good 1.
Maybe easy fast food and make me fell full (im leo) for long time.
Today again i went to MC Donalds and was asking myself why are you eating this? Marketing my friends all kind they play dirty 😦 with my mind and i cant refuse have those chips french fries (fake), burgers are so artificial and coke, well coke is coke bad enough by it self.
Today i decide to change not complete but is a good step to start…
Only i have 2 bites of my lunch a bit of french fries and i am not drinking too much coke last 6 months anyway…
So i think from now i will not be excited to eat that no more for the first time i fell like that’s is not for me.
MC Donalds are for that lazy fat people like to be in front of computer and get involved by media.
And for me eating rubbish is not fun anymore.
Eat health live health. Tip for today…
Anyway veggies, potatoes, salad, fresh, juice will help a lot more to build my strength.
I am just saying.
I am not used to eat all the time but from now i see MC Donalds with different eyes.