Today in Phuket i cant say is a beautiful day, was in the morning warm and hot but now is raining.
I drove for 2 hours this morning for no reason, up the hill going to Kata beach, Karon beach, Nair Harn as well.
Afternoon i am going for Muay Thai session.
Late tonight i am going to teach private lesson. I do private sometimes i dont like to teach people who i dont know so i only teach few people, i am able to do that, customer comes everyday to the office where they buy those tickets and we exchange 1 hour lesson for 1 ticket.
Prices are different for private lesson in the camp, i mean MMA or BJJ is not same price to learn Muay Thai.
After that i will gonna go loook for some food i will be so hungry.
Alright just now during i am writing this… Start raining and look like wont stop in while.
Now i cant go for Sprints no more, sucks.