I am back guys after while, i been in Thailand over 2 years and i was fighting Muay Thai here in Phuket-Thailand every month, like all other fighters from Tiger Muay Thai.
On next Saturday i will be in India where i am fighting MMA.
First professional fight in the cage i am very excited for a new experience.
Looking forward to put my Thai boxing and Bjj together in action.
Training was pure good i do have best facilities here to improve my MMA game for this fight.
I am a Brown Belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu what gonna help me a lot to chose how i want fight i mean comfortable, i think i need work on my game plan 555, you that magic strategy people ask you all the time?
Life in Tailandia is great i like to be here and be invited to fight in another country.
Training here is not easy i think sometimes are wrong parameters for thai fighters they have no idea what limit means and that make my life harder.
I think what i enjoy more living in Tailandia is
because we have a great team at Tiger Camp in Thailand, trainers and fighters have good relationship and we try help each other for get ready to fight.
Fe em Deus i am going to have fun in the cage…