That is me, waiting for morning Bjj class.
I like to go earlier to class and have time to do my own thing.
At Tiger muay thai & MMA camp now i am training if another Brazilian, Orlando Tardelli, i have also Fernando Maccachero Black Belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fourth degree (coach).
MMA Fighter Shannon from Thailand and Don Madge from South Africa.
Roger Huerta tell me what to do. Roger observe my game and explain to me things i cant see, off course he can see a lot more, he has all that experience because he was in the UFC.
I am training a lot BJJ now because my next fight, my muay thai needs more training as well. So today i did Bjj class in the morning and afternoon i will go to Muay-Thai class.
Like this i have better game i guess, for my next fight doing MMA.
Enjoy training and life in Phuket -Thailand.
Rafael Negao Kezen