Daniel Ketley is a professional Muay Thai fighter, renowned in Thailand with an excellent performance record.

Daniel was admitted to hospital at 3:00 am June 8th with serious head and neck injuries. The surgeons performed a 5 hour operation to reconstruct his eye socket, jaw, teeth and forehead. The insurance covered 115,000 THB and the family paid a further 6,000 THB. The insurance is maxed out.

Currently Daniel is totally dependent on his family for all his needs. Toileting, washing, eating, assistance with exercise and movement. As a result his mother and father have not been able to work as Daniel still needs 24/7 care. The parents take turns through the day and night to assist Daniel.

The road to recovery is long and medical treatment on going. The most significant injury is the one Daniel received to the spine in the region C6 C7 and T1. There is a significant tear away of the main nerve from this region which causes his entire arm and hand extreme pain and paralysis. Daniel is unable to feel or move the entire arm in the smallest way. Surgery may be needed to reconnect the nerves.

We as a family need the support of all who can afford, no matter how small, every little amount will count. Our goal is to see Daniel’s dream come to pass. He is not looking at the immediate circumstances and remains positive that he will go back into the ring. In Daniel’s own words
“I will fight with one arm if I have to…But I prefer to do it with both.”