Friends and here we go that it is new poster for next fight (party) on Monday, start get nervous already and excited a bit scared, that not only my next fight is a rematch as well, Slatan is a high level Muay Thai fighter and we fought 1 year ago, that man fight before many trainers from all gyms in Phuket, and different other country’s around world.
Last fight i won by KO on round 3 (punch) i was fighting very different i don’t know him before, now i have watch many of his fights on you tube inclued our last one.
My training now is not for short time to see improving but for a very long, i have fight already booked for next 2 months and some negotiations going around to get MMA fights.
I believe i will win this fight by KO again on round 3, my tactic is never fight first round or show my opponent anything, at least at begin of round 2 i start to wake up, always when 2 round is gone i like to seat down drink some water and then on round 3 🙂 …ladies and gentlemen s i start to fight and carrier last 15 min going for all i can get it, i really don’t like to hurt people, don’t give wrong i just saying is not fun somebody hurt bad after fights i mean cut by elbow’s or fucked some how.
Results only matters for the ones choice d by god, they have what you want if you are not 1 of that go ahead and have fun do your best fight like Thai live like a Thai.
Rafael Brazilian killer