My name is Daniel Ketley, I’m 21 years old and I come from Gold Coast City, Queensland, Australia. I fight at 60kgs and have had 34 fights for 24 wins and 12(T)KO’s (50%).

When I was 17 I was somewhat lost with my life and the direction it was headed. I had dropped out of school, no job and was consistently in trouble. 
Then I remember having a conversation with a friend of mine about getting into karate but there were no dojo around my area.
My friend told me about Muay Thai and told me it was worth looking at if I wanted to do martial arts. With the referral of family friend Cameron Quinn my father and I went and tried it out at Wayne Parr’s Boonchu Gym and haven’t looked back since!While I was training at Boonchu Gym in Australia Wayne Parr was preparing for his final in The Contender against Yodsaenglai Fairtex, during his preparation he had a Thai known as Nuengtragan that he had fought on 4 accounts previously fly out to help him train and also to train other fighters at the gym.
Nueng and I formed a bond quickly and he told me if I was to go to Thailand and dedicate myself to training for 2 years I would be a great fighter.
That year for my birthday my father got me a ticket to go train with Nuengtragan in Ubon Rachathani for a few months and now I’ve spend most of the last 3 years here and am loving it everyday!

During my 3.5 years in Thailand I have lived between two cities;
1. Ubon Rachathani and
2. Phuket.

In Ubon (and Isaan in general) the people are very warm and always seem willing to offer their help with a smile. It is the poorer region of Thailand and for this you will see that the standard of Muay Thai is much higher then many other parts of Thailand.
In Isaan fighters fight their heart out to eventually be good enough to make it to Bangkok and earn enough from their purse to make a living and help feed their families. I spend about 18 months here training under Nueng and for the Muay Thai enthusiast who is solely interested in training and fighting Ubon is the perfect place to spend go spend some time.

Phuket is a beautiful city, the beaches are amazing and life is so laid back and relaxed. In Phuket I train at Sumalee Boxing Gym which is a great environment which allows me to combine training with my life outside of muay thai.
In my time off training I enjoy going to Bang Tao beach that’s very close by and is ideal for relaxing. Phuket Central Festival shopping center and cinema is also nearby and always shows the latest films out.
If you’re looking to come to Thailand to train Muay Thai and experience the Thai culture here Phuket is a great place to plan your trip.

Life in Thailand is perfect for me.
The beaches are beautiful, the food tastes great and everyone smiles. 
If you come here, respect the locals and you will have the experience of a lifetime!