Today i woke up Earlie and drive to teach class at Tiger Muay Thai and MMA.
after class usually i eat breakfast at Tiger Grill and to be Honest i dont care about health that much, cause for me taste is more important, can you imagine in 25 years? Rafael probably will hit 100 kg easy. mai penrai!
On my way back home grab my ice coffee down the road and drive straight for about 15 min, morning is done right now! seat down relax maybe read a book, play video game dono… work ? hum for sure! i do every day 2 hrs a day, is part of my job search for better views on Goggle what they call SEO.
4pm seminar at Tiger if Jeff Glover lot of people watching was very good experience i had learn a lot from everyone on the mats today, we have guys like Ray Abu Dhabi, Brian Ebersole and many other guys, Tommy is back, he came from Abu Dhabi where he went to fight ADCC and get 3 lugar.
Seminar was very productive today .
good day or good night wherever you are