I went to malasia for 1 week, i was training and teaching seminar as well at Sparta Muay Thai and MMA, there is a new gym on 10 floor, looks pure nice up there, this place have a great structure for training and qualify trainers.

The energy at the gym is very cool, adults, kids and older people training together except fighters.

i Enjoy very much, the seminar was nice…

BY Aaron Goh

Really enjoyed the No Gi seminar with Rafa Pinto. A very humble and knowledgeable instructor who took the time and effort to show Lim Fang Han and myself some really neat details and positions. A big thanks to Dean Koh for putting together the second combined session between Leverage Combat Academy and Sparta/ Tiger Muay Thai Malaysia. Ossss!

All i can say big thank you for Sparta Muay Thai, Leverage Combat Academy, Dean Koh for support me in Kuala Lumpur!!

i will be baaaaaaack 🙂