Kitty Teppo
Tiger Muay Thai/ Brazilian Top Team Phuket
BJJ around 3 – 4 years.
Back in the day, my home gym in Turku Finland didn’t allow women to train. A lot of my friends trained MMA and the sport always interested me. When Finnfighters’ gym decided to try if women could do the MMA intro course, they asked me to be their “test bunny” because I already knew the trainers etc. Through that, I fell in love with BJJ, stopped all stand up and just concentrated on the ground game.
Besides the fact that I love BJJ and it brings me joy and makes me happy, I train jiu jitsu because it is versatile. Coordination, technique, control, flexibility, strengthening and conditioning is all in one. And you don’t have to be the biggest and strongest guy to win in jiu jitsu, small guys do good too. I also love the flow and the camaraderie that comes with BJJ.
I’m in Malaysia for the Abu Dhabi World Pro Jiu Jitsu Championship trials. I am competing in the -63kg white/blue belt division. The winner of the absolute division gets an all inclusive trip to Abu Dhabi for the finals in April.
My day has been long, woke up very early, flew in to Kuala Lumpur in the morning. Weigh ins where at 5pm. I am a little bit tired and looking forward to a good nights sleep before the competition tomorrow.

I really don’t know what to expect tomorrow. I don’t know the level of girls jiu jitsu in this area and I have mainly competed no-gi. I am just going to do the best that I can and hope that it is enough. 🙂

Big thanks to Dean and all the nice people from Tiger Muay Thai’s affiliate gym Sparta in KL. Thanks for the hospitality and support. You guys ROCK!