I had problems learning english and now after 2 years, i only know the basics. Why didn’t I learn Thai before…?
It’s impossible is learn Thai language in Phuket if you can only speak Portuguese, i had to know a bit of english to start learning some thai.

Everyday is a good day to learn everything with your friends. I never had a teacher but a lot of people have been helping me, both Thai and foreign friends. Am i lucky? No, i am just a good man. It’s hard to learn a new language. It’s because we are shy and sometimes embarresed, we worry and think a lot and then we dont practice and we dont speak.

It’s easier for me now because i have fun with the language. Starting a sentence in Portuguese, changing to thai and finishing in english, 555555.

Working and learning all the time makes your body ready for training, If you just learn how to fight in your life… mai friend sorry na kap