Tiger Muay Thai Trainer
Kru Ngoo Ditty
Born September 13th, 1986 in the Surin Province of Issan Thailand Ngoo began his training under Yod Khun Sab. Por Phong strang.

Ngoo is one of the more active fighters competing for TMT and has a professional record of around 80 wins with about 50 losses.

Capturing local Phuket championship belts for both Patong and Bangla boxing stadium Ngoo has started transitioning his focus from Muay Thai to MMA. Competing in Submission Grappling Ngoo has won Silver Medals at the Southeast Asian Grappling games as well as the FBT BJJ-Sub Grappling tournaments.

With a professional MMA record of 2-2 Ngoo has already fought MMA internationally in China and Russia, and owns the prestigious honor of winning the first ever Thai Vs. Thai MMA fight on the island of Phuket.

Ngoo speaks excellent English and is a good instructor for fighter looking to compete in MMA.