Sometimes it’s hard to talk about personal things, I’m a private person, I can say that I like to train,
I believe that training daily is the only option for those who want to fight.

You won’t find that everyday you’re happy, life is made of ups and downs regardless of your choices and attitude.

All that matters is that you have the opportunity to showcase your work and be recognised.

I am not going to go to Guam anymore , my MMA fight in Guam has been canceled since yesterday.
I had been preparing for this fight.
It would be like a debut in the MMA world for me, I’m just a beginner looking for my space and time, I’m still adjusting to the weight loss and feeding schedule …

After this news
I just keep up my training here in Phuket,
In the morning Thai boxing and MMA in the afternoon.
Sometimes man does not know what to say, but God knows what to do