I’m training to fight at Patong Boxing Stadium on the 13th of Feb. I will fight Randompol for the 4th time in the past year. He is the only Thai that is near my weight and is very skilled. I won the first fight by knock out in the 4th round, then he won the second fight by decision. I came back to win the last fight by knockout again, this time in the second round.

I’m hoping to win this one in the first round. I know he is training hard because he lost the last one again. I have been training very hard in the muay thai classes. Running in the morning and then plenty of padwork, clinching and sparring with the other fighter at Tiger Muay Thai. They have helped alot to prepare for this fight.

Besides this fight i am looking forward to my MMA bout next month, on the 30 of march, my focus is my weapon now, i have no information about opponent, only i know he’s korean and a tough fighter who doesn’t back down . . . like PITBULL!!!!! He is a big guy with good stand up and wreslting, but know i will be ready for him.