It’s going down warehouse fight stadium it’s a solid event promoting full Muay Thai rules in Brazil.

Next Saturday here in Recife promoter Daniel Cipo who has Been a successful MMA manager and is one of The MMA pioneers in Pernambuco .

Warehouse fight stadium video promo

Treinar muaythai no Brasil?

Muay Thai training camp in Brazil for Muay Thai practicioners and nature  lovers!

Treinar Muay Thai no Brasil

It’s simple i didn’t made anything I learned well on my own in a hard way, who wants to pay the price is not the question but who does it for love …

Where training camp in Brazil?

Where to train?

Where to stay?

Now I’m back more regularly blogging and feed with videos, photos e information about Training  camps Brazil.
Mma Training camp Brazil

Rafael fights because he loves it, pro Muay Thai & MMA fighter for Tiger and BJJ Black belt. He discusses his philosophies of training and what drives him to compete in the sport of Muay Thai and MMA.
Sponsored fighter at Tiger Muay Thai and Assistant MMA/Bjj coach
A Film By Stuart Cooper

Wasim training muay thai at Elite boxing in Bangkok getting ready for hes next fight in Cambodia, here a little bit of hes padwork and clinching with Thai Trainer!

20130920-141428.jpgs MUAY Thai training in Thailand it is always good experience everyone come here have notorious improvement . My MUAY THAI trainers at Tiger Muay Thai fighters ring are very estrict and they push me training together as partner training. Phuket MUAY thai Rafael lopes pinto back training at Tiger Muay Thai & MMA training camp Phuket-Thailand.

Brazilian Top Team Phuket

Brazilian Top Team Phuket


Very good routine i have  here in Phuket eating more healthy food, training everyday and going to bed every night around 10 pm, Morning session for today 1 hr of cardio before Brazilian jiu-Jitsu class with Fernando Maccachero at Brazilian Top Team Phuket Tiger Muay Thai, still all the same at bjj morning class, Fernando showing amazing stuff,  hes very complete and experienced teaching, im redoing my game and skills with him, hes my inspiration and i want learn as much as i can.

Training for me is very serious, i haven’t been training a lot  last 4 months, i expected to fell a lot more tired when i come back to Thailand  but not i am doing well of course you lose cardio and get slow on your mind. but wont take me long to get back in that shape.

Last week was very busy in malaysia with Bjj training and seminar to run ! i was at leverage jiu jitsu where we have NoGi seminar, Caboco is a new gym in malaysia and have a brazilian guy called Cristiano who teach capoeira and do Bjj classes, we have good time at Kuala Lumpur thank you guys for the hospitality. Now in Thailand back in training at Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp Phuket Thailand. MUAY THAI sessions still hardcore but I am in shape ! Next week Bjj sessions and seminars coming around Bangkok ! This tour seminar I will be in 8 different gyms in Asia in 3 weeks time and going good so far!



Training brazilian jiu jitsu again finally. I am in Malaysia right now training at Leverage Bjj where the head Bjj coach is Brazilian jiu jitsu Marcos Escobar and he’s assistant Bjj coach Aaron purple belt, I am staying here for a week. This Bjj school is the biggest team in Malaysia, the reason is they are always holding seminars with different Black Belts and making their game stronger and smarter, guys like Caio Terra, Jeff Glover, Adam Kayoom MMA Fighter, also been here before. The gym is pure Bjj mentality, and everyone have own goals to reach and learn more about the sport together! I am also learning like I said this guys are holding seminars with many Black Belts every year, some of this Black Belts I never went to a seminar before but now i can pick up some technics, the guys here are also passing me different visions of Bjj game. we are here to explorer best of our self, Changing experience for me is the best way to keep focused on my way of life! Is very good to see old friends getting better in Bjj because we know it is not easy, some kids I meet before are looking like man and fighting like man, the girls are bigger numbers at Leverage Bjj they are taking the space on the matts and training for competitions! Working in Oman I don’t have a strong team yet not enough for partner training what I call human material so here I am taking advantage of the good level Bjj to do my best training sessions in last 6 months, my gym in Oman still new and the sport is not popular out there but with faith in God that torture of having no partner training stop by next year, sending the boys to fight in Abu Dhabi competitions and training with Gi everyday I believe we are going on the right direction! After leaving from Malaysia I will be heading Tiger Muay Thai and posting more videos and pictures about Bjj/ MMA/ Muay Thai training!!!


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